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    RHQ postgres Alert

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      Hi Gurus



      I installed RHQ 4.4.0 on linux and am installed rhq-agen ton the same server where am running RHQ -server to keep track of my process..


      However I see RHQ says my postgresql is not running.. I digged into the alert and see alaert at "No OOB condition found"


      I see that my postgresql is running fine.. any ideas...?






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          Ian Springer Master

          Check your RHQ agent log for any log messages related to Postgres. You may find a hint as to why RHQ thinks Postgres is down. If not, you can also go to the Inventory > Connection Settings tab for the Postgres Server Resource in the RHQ GUI and see if there are any required connection settings that are not set, or connection settings that do not have the correct values.