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    RHQ: Maven Repositories & Maven Artifacts as bundles

    slowfly Newbie

      Hi there


      I didn't really find some documentations about integrating maven repositories as content sources and about the usage of maven artifacts as bundles. Is there something built-in? Or are my awesome google search skills not as awesome as I think?


      Also I tried to find some resources about how to write your own content source plugin; and I failed. Link anyone? And please tell me how you found it.


      What we like to do: We have many applications (70+; and not so many in-production-environment-deployers), we want to deploy from a central application, like RHQ (we currently try JON, JBoss Operations Network). So we want the central application have a connection to our maven repositiy which is providing our WAR's. This would be the first step, the second step would be to create the bundles automatically. And the third step is to have a gui to adapt the bundle. So, sometimes we have to remove/replace a datasource, add directories in the file system, and small stuff like that. Problem is: We don't have many JBoss Application Servers, but some jboss instances (~7) and many applications, where one application only runs in one instance. So, currently, there is no benefit in rhq (when it comes to deployments), because we have to write the deployment configurations, create bundles, and so on - to do it manually in our productive environment will be faster, because currently we only have two application servers in this environment. Things would be different, if we only had 10 applications and 50 application servers, we would love to use it, but, this is not the case,...


      Thank you and Best Regards


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          darren hartford Expert

          I too am curious about this.  As a comparison, I'm using the maven galaxy plugin to auto-publish my WAR's to Mulesoft's TCAT repository through hudson/jenkins auto-builds with very little effort on my part (with a separate process within TCAT's interface to deploy/redeploy from that repository).


          Is there similar capabilities for using JOPR/RHQ's repository (originally channel) mechanisms for these kinds of Maven WAR/EAR/SAR generated artifacts (either through a maven plugin, or just pointing to select content sources being maven repos).


          p.s. in the case of updated -SNAPSHOT's, how would these be handled?  TCAT for example you 'redeploy' the same deployment and automatically get the freshest -SNAPSHOT, which is a resonable expectation.