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    Javassist, PowerMock and Java 7 ... bad combination



      ( sorry for the "repost"; created an article before; hopefully that one was successfully deleted ... so here comes the "discussion" version )


      we are using JUnit & powermock (and easymock) to test our code base. Not in the perfect sense that our whole backend build would fail if our few testcases fail ...

      more in the sense of some developpers use it within Eclipse.


      Anyway - recently the whole production environment changed to JDK 1.7.

      And now we are flat broken; like these folks here:




      I found some bugs related to JDK 1.7 in the bugs database; but no mentioning of PowerMock ... so:
      a) is that really something ... nobody is working? Or is it a problem how PowerMock uses JavaAssist?

      b) did I just look in the wrong spot?