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    Building Seam 2.3.0 beta-2 fails with "Could not resolve dependencies"

    Dieter Rehbein Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      I've just downloaded SEAM 2.3.0 and wanted to build seam using maven 3. Unfortunately it cannot be build as documented at http://seamframework.org/Seam2/Downloads.


      mvn clean install


      fails because the dom4j:dom4j:1.6.1-brew does not exist. After changing the depency to version 1.6.1 the next jar file could not be found: hsqldb:hsqldb:


      IMHO the build uses a wrong repository? I'm not familiar with maven (I had to use it some years ago and now prefer gradle). How do I change the repository (resp. repositories) used by the SEAM maven build?  Did anybody out there successfully build SEAM 2.3.0-beta 2?


      regards Dieter