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    Jboss AS7.0.2 Windows Service not deleting tmp folder contents

    suminub Newbie

      Hi All,


      We are using jboss as 7.0.2 final on windows 2008 and are installing it as a windows service.

      Had downloaded jboss native 2.0.10 and modified the service.bat file to create a windows service out of it.


      We have come across this situation -

      every time we restart the server or stop/start the server, it does not delete the contents of the jboss tmp folder and actually adds onto it.

      every restart (which deploys our app) adds a new deploymentXXXXXX directory and expands all the jars out there.


      this is causing the tmp folder to grow in size.


      We also observed that this doesnt happen if we use standalone.bat and start/stop the server using that. every time a server is stopped using standalone, it cleanups as expected.


      Is this a bug and is there a workaround for the same?