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    Transparent Indirection

    Greg Rokita Newbie

      I'm currently using Toplink that provides Transparent Indirection for persistance. (If objects A and B are related, if I retrive object A, object B is not read from that database untill I try to access it.) This is a huge issue when the object relationships are complicated and a lot of data is in the database.
      Will JBOSS3.0 cmp2.0 mechanizm provide something similar to transparent indirection?


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          David Jencks Master

          I'm not sure why this would be called transparent indirection. JBoss cmp2 has several lazy-load features including
          -cmr fields are not loaded until accessed
          -the ability to divide the fields into load groups, where only the default load group is automatically loaded, the others wait till you need a field in them.

          It is also quite careful about only writing changed data back to the db.