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    WARNING: FacesMessage(s) - Conversion error occurred on rich:inplaceSelect

    david.bono Newbie

      Hi all!

      I don't understand what's the problem in my code..

      I have a bean with an ArrayList<SelectItem> for a <rich:inplaceSelect> but there is some error of conversion...

      this is the code of jsp page:


                                              <rich:panel  id="dettaglioInModifica">

                                                      <f:facet name="header">

                                                          <h:outputText value="#{msg.medic_showPatient_pagetitle}" />


                                                      <h:panelGrid columns="2" style="font-size: 0.9em;">


                                                              <h:outputText value="Medic: "/>

                                                              <rich:inplaceSelect id="medicoSelectUpD" value="#{user.medico}">

                                                                  <f:selectItems value="#{tblBean.optMedics}" />


                                                              <%-- Capo villaggio select --%>

                                                              <h:outputText value="#{msg.medic_showPatient_field15} "/>

                                                              <rich:inplaceSelect id="capovillaggioSelectUpD" value="#{tblBean.pazienteSelezionato.capoVillaggio}">

                                                                  <f:selectItems value="#{tblBean.optVillageBoss}" />





      And this is the code of tblBean:


      public class PazientiTblBean implements Serializable{


          private ArrayList<SBPaziente> listPazienti;

          private ArrayList<SBPaziente> listVillageBoss;

          private ArrayList<SBMedico> listMedics;

          //Liste per select

          private ArrayList<SelectItem> optMedics;

          private ArrayList<SelectItem> optVillageBoss;




          public PazientiTblBean() {

              this.listVillageBoss = myFramework.DatabaseStorage.getAllCapiVillaggio();

              this.listMedics = myFramework.DatabaseStorage.getAllMedics();

              this.optMedics = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();

              this.optVillageBoss = new ArrayList<SelectItem>();

              for(SBMedico m : this.listMedics)

                  this.optMedics.add(new SelectItem(m, m.getName()+" "+m.getSurname()));

              for(SBPaziente p : this.listVillageBoss)

                  this.optVillageBoss.add(new SelectItem(p, p.getName()+" "+p.getSurname()));






           * @return the optMedics


          public ArrayList<SelectItem> getOptMedics() {

              return optMedics;




           * @param optMedics the optMedics to set


          public void setOptMedics(ArrayList<SelectItem> optMedics) {

              this.optMedics = optMedics;




           * @return the optVillageBoss


          public ArrayList<SelectItem> getOptVillageBoss() {

              return optVillageBoss;




           * @param optVillageBoss the optVillageBoss to set


          public void setOptVillageBoss(ArrayList<SelectItem> optVillageBoss) {

              this.optVillageBoss = optVillageBoss;





      can you help me?