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    jboss 3.0.0 not storing changed dependant value class object

    Gunnar Hilling Newbie


      I got a problem/unexpected behaviour using a dvc object:
      After creating a cmp entity bean containing a dvc object consisting of two "String"s I can access the EJB as well as the dvc object.
      Then I change the dvc object using the following code:

      (Example 1-not working)
      DVClass dvcobject = this.getDVCObject();
      dvcobject.stringone = "hello".

      Result: the "old" object is written back/updated to the database and the ejb.
      When I change the Code:

      (Example 2-OK)
      DVClass dvcobject = (this.getDVCObject()).clone();
      dvcobject.stringone = "hello".

      Everything works OK. According to Chapter 10.3.3 of the ejb-2.0 specs getDVCObject() return a copy of the object. So after changing the Object is has to be written back.
      Could anyone please tell me if I'm reading the specs wrong or something...