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    Deploying RAR connector as a JBoss Module

    gonzalad Apprentice



      I've just created a RAR connector, and would like to know how to deploy it as a module in JBoss 7.1 (in $JBOSS_HOME/modules directory) and reference it in standalone.xml (I've only seen samples with <archive> referencing a file and not a module).

      Is it possible ?


      Thanks !


      P.S. For the moment, I've always use deployments directory :

      • dropped my rar file into deployments directory.
      • referenced it from my webapp jboss-deployment-structure.xml :
        <module name="deployment.jcms-j2c-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.rar"/>
      • configured the jca connectionFactory in standalone.xml
          <config-property name="Name">
              <connection-definition class-name="xxx" jndi-name="java:/eis/AwsJcms" enabled="true" pool-name="AwsJcmsPool">
                  <config-property name="baseUrl">