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    Classloading alternative

    Balaji Ramanathan Newbie



      In our application we need a small tweak for class loading.


      Requests will be send to a intermediate application which in turn has the capability to talk to oracle.


      In our oracle-ds.xml we will give the custom JDBC driver and we will send the request to intermediate application.


      We are bundling this custom jdbc jar along with our application which means it is in a different class loader as that of jboss initial class loader.


      Hence on loading oracle resource, jboss complains class not found exception as this jdbc driver class is in a lower class loader.


      What can be done to ensure this class is loaded in the first level. We are trying to avoid placing this server/default/lib folder. If we place it will work.


      We are not placing it in server/default/lib because it in turn requires application specific classes which is again in lower class loaders. We will end up in messing the classes.