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    Messages were not deleting from Hornetq topic

    Sudheer Kukkala Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am having a issue with JBOSS hornetq rest interface topic messaging. Client is having a pull subscription and reading messages by using msg-consume-next and msg-consumer as described in Hornetq Rest interface documentation. Subscriber is successfully able to read all the messages which were on topic.....untill here no issues. Once subscriber is done with reading messages from topic, messages were not deleting and staying in the topic forever unless untill clean up called on msg-consumer url header. With this issue messages count in topic was increasing to a max (65000 messages) limit and after that client was not able to receive any messages. Basically it seems autoAck is not happening here which should be done by default with out adding any properties. Did any one face this issue and found any fix as I am unable to find much about this on Hornetq Rest interface documentation. Please help me....?


      I am using Jboss 6.1 and hornetq 2.2.5.


      Thanks in Advance..