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    Integrate Javeleon within jboss tools

    nimo stephan Master

      JRebel eliminates server restarts and speeds up developement.


      I found a cost-free alternative: "Javeleon":




      They are also started to involve jboss as 7:




      Maybe it would be nice to integrate Javeleon within jboss-tools!


      Or are there other planes of jboss-tools to eliminate server-restarts when code changes?


      This would be great!

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          I honestly haven't heard about this project before now - looks interesting, but does seem to require more custom integration than i.e. jrebel does.


          But definitely open to look at it if its a good alternative to things like jrebel and things like fakereplace.


          Have you tried using javeleon  on JBoss 7 - did it work ?

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            nimo stephan Master

            No, I have not tried it -  I heard about this project yesterday.


            They say:

            {quote}We're also looking for beta testers for JBoss 7.1{quote}



            So maybe I will take time to do some testing..


            It would be a really nice (free) addition to jboss tools..maybe it could be integrated in the future.

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              nimo stephan Master

              Oh I have not heard about fakerplace, too. Thanks for the information!


              Would be nice to integrate such things as a (configurable) plugin within jboss tool.

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                Allan Gregersen Newbie

                I'm one of the guys behind Javeleon. I can say that trying to start JBoss with the released 2.0 Javeleon version will fail. However, we have a dev build in-house that supports class reloading when running in exploded mode. Only thing to manually configure is creating sym-links from project workspace's compiled classes to the exploded WAR. If you're interested, we can send you guys a version with initial JBoss support.


                Now, as you know, class reloading is not at all enoguh to update web-apps, so we are in the process of integrating changes to configurations, such as web.xml jboss-web.xml, etc. Right now we're working on reflecting servlet changes and mappings in the running container. Any hints on where to hook into JBoss would be much appreciated. We think we're on target by manipulating the context. Logging output tells us that mappings for new servlets are created, but the new servlets are not published to the URL. We've just started, so I would expect it to work soon enough. I'm out-of office, so I can't give you the exact details right now.


                Anyway, if anyone would be interested assisting with integrating Javeleon with JBoss, please let me know about it.


                Remember, that Javeleon is capable of full class reloading (changes to implemented interfaces and super class is also supported), so this would be very beneficial to JBoss devs.

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                  Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                  Hi Allan,


                  Sounds great - for help with integration from as7 devs my answer is the same as given on https://community.jboss.org/message/741752#741752  - post to the as7 dev list


                  Why is it that symbolic links are needed ? if the IDE is copying over the changed classes that should be good enough should it not ?


                  And yes, would be cool to try out a version (note: JUDCon/JBoss World is coming up 1 week from and i'm 3 weeks pto afterwards so if i'm silent thats why

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                    Allan Gregersen Newbie

                    I'll post to as7 dev list for help integrating. Just wanted to jump into your discussion here as well :-)


                    We have only tried running from NetBeans and here it seems that the compiled classes is not automatically copied, but that's probably a configuration issue. We didn't spend a lot of time trying to make it work without sym links though.


                    We will upload the dev version with JBoss integration soon so that you can take it for a spin.


                    Yeah, I noticed that JBoss World was around the corner. Have a nice conference :-)