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    Jboss admin console password

    Izauddin Mohd Isa Newbie



      After installation of jboss eap 5.1, I change the admin password for the admin console, but I cannot login to the

      admin console using the new password. But I can login using the old password. The place where I change the

      admin password is at :


           1. server/default/deploy/management/console-mgr.sar/web-console.war/WEB-INF/classes/web-console-users.properties

           2. server/default/conf/props/jmx-console-users.properties


      I do this as per the document at :-




      Is this the correct location to change the jboss web based admin console ?. When I do a grep on the old password

      I found the old password is at the following place :-


           1. server/web/conf/props/jmx-console-users.properties

           2. server/default/deploy/messaging/messaging-jboss-beans.xml

           3. server/production/deploy/management/console-mgr.sar/web-console.war/WEB-INF/classes/web-console-users.properties

           4. server/production/conf/props/jmx-console-users.properties

           5. server/all/deploy/messaging/messaging-jboss-beans.xml

           6. server/all/deploy/management/console-mgr.sar/web-console.war/WEB-INF/classes/web-console-users.properties

           7. server/all/conf/props/jmx-console-users.properties

           8. server/standard/deploy/messaging/messaging-jboss-beans.xml

           9. server/standard/conf/props/jmx-console-users.properties



      Should I also change the password at the 9 places as per above. Is there easier way to change the admin password ?