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    What is the best way to configure cache in xml with multiple caches ?

    Sudheer Krishna Novice

      I have around 300 caches in my application, I owuld like to configure it through xml for my clarity and understanding purposes.


      Of 300 caches


      1. Around 100 of them are distributed,  async replication , transactional caches


      2. few of then distributed , sync replication, transactional caches


      3. few of them local caches with eviction


      4. few of tehm local caches without eviction


      etc etc ..



      Whats is teh guide line to configuiration when i need such varity of configurations


      1. Shoudl I have multiple cachemanagers ?


      I am looking kind of inheritance where in i can have flexibility as follows


      default cache - name = cache 1 - distributed , async transactionsla


      defaulr cache  - name cache 2 extends cache - and overwrites - only the sycn to async.


      similar for (3) and (4) requirements.



      Basically i am looking to write minimal replication in config xml - where it can borrow all properties from parent and overrwrite only required once ?


      Is there any flexbility for this ?  Any documentation for the same ?