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    Incremental publish of Dynamic Web Project problem

    Vt Ysh Newbie

      Hello JBoss community


      I have a problem with incremental publish functionality of JBossAS tools server.


      In eclipse i have a Dynamic Web Project. In the deployment assembly tab i've added few other eclipse projects to be automatically packaged and deployed to the WEB-INF/lib folder. Some of that eclipse projects have some jars in the deployment assembly also. Also there are few direct jars dependencies to be deployed. When i do full publish to the JBoss AS all is deployed properly. But if i do incremental publish only the already existing jars which are directly specified in the deployment assembly tab of this web project are copied to the WEB-INF/lib folder. As for others JBossAS tools removes jars which were automatically generated from eclipse projects and their depencencies. So i receive ClassNotFoundException.


      Explanation is little weird so i try to show it on example:


      Suppose we have eclipse projects:

      Project_1 (in the deployment assembly tab it has dependencies jar1.jar and jar2.jar)

      Project_2 (in the deployment assembly tab it has depencencies jar3.jar and jar4.jar)

      WProject (Dynamic web project. In the deployment assembly tab it has depencencies Project_1 and Project_2 and jar5.jar and jar6.jar)


      Now if i do full publish in the WEB-INF/lib folder of WProject deployment i see next:










      Now suppose i changed some code in the project and do incremental publish. After such operation WEB-INF/lib folder become like this:




      Project 1 and Project 2 with their dependencies are lost. What is the reason of such behaviour? Is there any fixes for it?


      Eclipse version: Indigo SP2

      JBossAS tools version: 2.3.0