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    rowKeyVar empty with RF3.3.3 and JSF2 (mojarra 2.1.7)

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      We are upgrading our application from RF3.3.3/JSP1.2 to RF3.3.3/JSF2  (in both config, we are using JSP as VDL)


      We are using the following URL : https://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFaces333AndJSF20 (thanks for the doc !)


      But now we are facing a very strange issue:


      We are using the rowKeyVar in rich:datatable and a4j:repeat.

      Since the upgrade rowKeyVar in rich:datatable is not set anymore.


      The following datatable returns empty TDs in the first column.


      <h:form id="form">

           <rich:dataTable id="liste"





                     <h:outputText value="#{rowKeyVar}" />



                     <h:outputText value="#{item.label}"/>





      gives us :


      <tr class="rich-table-row "><td id="form:liste:1:j_id_jsp_1947011301_4" class="rich-table-cell "></td><td id="form:liste:1:j_id_jsp_1947011301_6" class="rich-table-cell ">an item 2</td></tr>




      Any help would be appreciated