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    Identity class not allowing multiple logins with same user id


      Hi All,


      The project i am working on needs the ability for a user to login in to 2 different modules names.. Basically my login page has


      user name:


      module name..


      What happens is if user A logs in for module 1.. the authentication is called fine but when he tries to login to module 2 none of the autnentication is called... but instead the following message is shown on the logs


      "You are already logged in, please log out first if you wish to log in again"


      so it looks like SEAM is logging the user in with old credentials? How do we get around this issue? On more research i found out that the Identity.java class has a method called  isLoggedIn() which basically throws the message above if it already finds a Principal object.. the Principal object just has user name in it.. which defeats the purpose of what i am doing...


      Any ideas on how to get around this?