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    Is it really an ESB ?

    Sachin Dixit Newbie

      Hi ,


      I want to create a web service using JBoss ESB .


      The idea is to create a service lets say transaction service with a credit and a debit operation . This service will be  published to other clients/consumers as WSDL .

      As per the document there are 2 ways to provision a web service using JbossESB .


      1. EBWS(Endpoint Web Service) : here one can create in,out and fault XSD and publish an esb service as web service however there is a limitation that the generated WSDL will publish only the first operation that occurs in the esb.xml .

      2. Using JSR 181 annotation : Here one can create pure J2EE service and then user SOAPProcessor to invoke ESB service .


      Now I am able to  work with second approach but the read code for http transport is out side ESB .

      This implies there isn't a central facility with which one can create a service with multiple operations n payloads and expose that for different protocols ( including web services ) .

      With this kind of shortcoming I am facing though time in justifying Jboss ESB as ESB to my client (as opposed to blue/red ESB) .


      Can the experts please clarify if above observation is indeed true or I have done some mistake in my understanding .


      ps : I tried both 4.11 as well as 5.2 SOA-P version .


      Thanks ,