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    Using jbosscmp-jdbc.xml and jaws.xml in JBoss 3.0

    Tim Newbie


      As far as I am aware, for JBoss 3.0, you are supposed to use jbosscmp-jdbc.xml instead of jaws.xml. (Am I correct?) However I have one question.

      Within jbosscmp I am mapping java.util.Date to the sql Timestamp. When I do this, in complains about a type mismatch. So, currently what I am doing is copying the jbosscmp file into jaws.xml and renaming "<jbosscmp-jdbc>" to <jaws.xml> and leaving the rest of the file exactly the same. This removes the error and Jboss runs fine and maps Date correctly to Timestamp.

      The current system is in the development stage so a bit of "hacking" is allowed but I would not feel comfortable using this method in the final system. Do I need jaws.xml at all... and if not, why is Jboss 3.0 still using it? i.e. from the jaws default file in the conf folder... where java.util.Date is mapped to sql Date and thus giving me the error/warning.

      I am currently running 3.0.0 Alpha (have downloaded the beat, but haven't switched over just yet), on Windows NT 4.0.

      Many thanks,