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    Kick off Wise 1.3 (perhaps 2.0...?) development

    Alessio Soldano Master


      we've been silent here for quite some time and now I'd like to get back on the project and revive it a bit ;-)

      I just created https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WISE-174 as the first task I have in mind is basically to update the library to work with the recent JBossWS 4 and JBoss AS 7.1.

      Btw, JBossWS has finally completed its transition to the Apache CXF based stack, so we might even prune Wise removing the JBossWS-Native specific stuff.

      My idea would be to work on this and "quickly" cut an initial release, meant for the new generation WS and JBoss application server.

      Among the most basic things we need to do for this new version, I'd say we have Maven 3 support and JDK 7 support.

      Once that's done, we'll go through the outstanding jiras, remove the out of date ones and get back on bug fixes and new features.