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    Problem with jBPM5.3 and (needed) activated jpa in standalone.xml

    hamsterdancer Newbie

      Hi there.


      I'm running jBoss 7.1.1 with jBPM5.3 and postgresSQL and some other applications.

      I've seen, the jpa part in the standalone.xml is commented out and everything works fine. Some of our other allpications are using jpa and are depended on the outcommented lines.


             <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:jpa:.0">

                  <jpa default-datasource=""/>



      The point is, with these lines, our other applications are running perfectly but the jbpm console server and the human task service is not running. Without these lines the jpbm stuff works fine but the other applications do not.


      Any ideas or workarounds what I could do except for not using jpa in my other applications running on the same server (which is not an option ) ?




      (btw. I'm still missing the catecory jBPM 5.3 on creating a new topic^^)