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    mapping:  Msql 5.1.45community and jsp files  with jboss tools

    Philippe Ponceblanc Newbie


      i have 3  workstations with Mysql 5.1, two windows 2008 server 32bits (jboss  with jboss tools and AS 7.1 + tomcat 7.0)  and redhat 6.0 beta 64 bits ( glassfish 3 ),

      i cannot find jboss tools with eclipse galileo under redhat, i have installed jboss studio developpers 5.0.1 beta on windows 2008 server,

      i have installed msql 5.1.45community on windows 2008 server.under eclipse with jboss tools i can to connect and to map database mysql 5.1 with eclipse 's explorer.

      but with MVC i can't to map jsp files with an database Mysql 5.1, of course a have installed jdbc connector in lib directory.

      i have developped an servlet accesBD, my string of connection of DB are correct, also i have a frame with an skin (ccs).


      best regards

      Philippe Ponceblanc.

      IT manager