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    Testing library deployed as a JBoss Module

    Sanne Grinovero Master


      current version of Hibernate OGM is built via Maven, and runs several functional tests but not a full integration test with AS 7.1.


      I'm looking forward to setup continuous integration with Arquillian, by deploying a standard JEE6 application packaged in a WAR - something like the Kitchensink demo - to showcase only the persistence.xml file needs to be changed to make use of a Grid deployment.


      I've got a prototype working with Shrinkwrap, but it requires some manual steps to define the JBoss Module and a lot of Maven complexity to have the clean AS 7.1.1.Final downloaded, unpacked, and the custom module deployed in it before the testing phase.


      Does anyone have an example of such a setup? I would love it if Arquillian could deploy a custom module in the container before the tests are run, and maybe ShrinkWrap could define the jars to be contained in the module itself.