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    ListShuttle - "jump" to an entry with the first letter matching with the key pressed

    Giuliano Aparecido Newbie



      I am new with RichFaces, sorry.

      What I need to do is: I have a listShuttle and when the user presses some key, the listShuttle must to select a value where its first letter matches with the key. For example, if the user presses the key 'a' so the listShuttle must selects the first value starting with 'a'.
      Any ideas?

      What I thought is to get the key pressed and send it to the bean, and there set the attributes 'targetSelection' and 'sourceSelection' of the listShuttle. How can I get the key pressed and pass it to the bean? Actually using the support of ajax for onkeydown event I can get the key but dont know how to pass it to the bean.


      I dont know if I am asking at the right place, if not I am sorry.



      Thanks in advance.