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    NumberOfLocksHeld above 0 (zero)

    Fernando Wasylyszyn Newbie

      I have the following scenario: six embedded instances of Infinispan in two different computers (3 in one computer and 3 in the other) on a LAN, running on replicated mode. The following is the configuration is each instances:


      <clustering mode="replication">
                  <sync />
                  <stateRetrieval fetchInMemoryState="false" />
              <locking  useLockStriping="false" />
              <deadlockDetection enabled="true" spinDuration="500" />
                  syncCommitPhase="true" syncRollbackPhase="true" useEagerLocking="false"
                  useSynchronization="false" eagerLockSingleNode="false" >
                  <recovery enabled="true" />


      After running a number of put and get operations and stopping them, leaving the grid in a "repose" state, the value of the indicator "NumberOfLocksHeld" is above 0 (zero), when it should be 0 (zero), if i understood what the indicator means correctly.

      Could you suggest me which could the causes for this happening?

      Kind regards.