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    CallableStatement.getResultSet returns me null

    Bhaskara Newbie

      we have a common class (SPExecutor) that can execute any stored procedures, it is working fine in rmi environment where we had setup our own database connection pool and the SPExecutor was using the callable statement on a connection from the custom connection pool and execute the sp's.

      The code is something like this

      ResultSet rs;
      CallableStatement cs;
      //initialise cs
      //set all the inputs to cs
      boolean bReturn = cs.execute();

      if (bReturn)
      rs = cs.getResultSet();

      The above statement of getting result set is failing and returning 'null' when we use the in JBoss environment, we are using XADataSourceImpl wrapper around the JSQLConnect driver. The above ResultSet is null even when we are getting the bReturn as true.

      If we change the SPExecutor to..

      rs = cs.executeQuery("select * from user");

      now if we use the rs.. the resultset is fine and everything works great and able to get the data back.

      Not sure if the bug is in the CallableStatement.getResultSet() method implementation.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Environment: Win 2k
      JBoss Version: 2.4.4
      Database: SQL Server 2000
      JDBC Driver: JSQLConnect