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    JBPM namedquery not found

    Anderson Junqueira Newbie



      Hi there, I´m having a problem related to JBPM configuration:


      Our architecture defines that corporate mapped entities should be deployed in a single ejb package file as a library in our server (jboss 5 eap) because it is shared across several applications.

      This ejb pack have all the hibernate/JPA configuration and some EJBs that provide the query and data manipulation for my entities.


      Now, our application is deployed in some modules:


      an EAR

           an EJB client interfaces jar.

           an EJB implementation jar.

           a WEBAPP war file.


      Well, my problem is:

      All my business logic are concentrated on my EJB jar and it does not have hibernate configured for it uses that corporate entities pack, and it has to manipulate some jbpm workflows.

      I am having NamedQueries not found example.


      Searching over the net, I found the queries orm files, but, the hibernate is configured on another jar.


      I will have to configure and initialize the hibernate again in my EJB jar (the one inside the EAR)? or there is any other solution I could use?


      My config:

      Database: ORACLE 10g

      App Server: JBOSS 5 EAP 5.1

      JBPM: 3.2.3 (don't blame me, it's the client requirement)

      WebApp: JSF 2, PRIMEFACES (I know, I know, jboss 5 is for JSF1, but they upgraded the libs and it seems to work, we are waiting until jboss eap 6 come out)

      EJB: v3.0