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    Need help on JBPM workflow Timer event problem with session dispose.

    srikant vege Newbie



      Please somebody can help me on resolving the below problem. I am using JBPM 5.2 with Tomcat 6.


      I have to model a JBPM workflow and below are the requirements.


      1. Workflow should wait for N days to complete (the value of N can be set dynamically using process variable).

      2. This workflow should have a signal event and this signal event can be called multiple times within that N days time.

      3. Once the time period is reach, process should be completed.


      I tried this by using timer event (Please see the below diagram). In this diagram, once the process is started, I am triggering the timer siganl from "Signal for timer event" script node. This signal will trigger the timer event.


      In my code I am disposing the session for every step. My problem is, timer is getting expired when I dispose the session. I can't keep the session active for long days.