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    experimenting with JBoss 7 quickstart helloworld tutorial

    mperdikeas Newbie

      I am coming from a Tomcat / JSF background so I did a little experimentation with the quickstart helloworld tutorial.

      Specifically I was curious as to the need for the beans.xml file which basically defines namespaces.

      Since the first helloworld example does not include any xhtml I thought the file is not needed and so I removed it.

      Not surprisingly I received an error when I tried to access the deployed application:



      org.jboss.as.quickstarts.helloworld.HelloWorldServlet.doGet(Unknown Source)




      What I cannot fathom is how not defining XML namespaces which are not used results in a NullPointerException error.

      If anybody can shed some light this will help me improve my mental model and perhaps be able to decipher similarly cryptic messages in the future.