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    JAWS generated finders ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

    Don Laidlaw Newbie

      All my finders generated by JAWS, except findByPrimaryKey are generating ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.

      JBoss 2.4.4
      Auto-generated finder.
      Table has three fields: CC_MAP, CC_NAME, CC_VALUE and
      CC_MAP and CC_NAME are primary key. MySQL database.

      jaws stuff:





      The Home interface defines the finder as:
      public java.util.Collection findByMap(java.lang.String map)
      throws java.rmi.RemoteException,javax.ejb.FinderException;

      In the log (jaws debug tirned on):
      [01:39:16,002,JAWSPersistenceManager] findByMapName command executing: SELECT CC_PROPERTIES.CC_MAP,CC_PROPERTIES.CC_NAME FROM CC_PROPERTIES where CC_PROPERTIES.CC_MAP = ?

      [01:39:16,002,JAWSPersistenceManager] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

      The query works manually when I write my own JDBC program or use a query tool for the database.

      Anyone have any ideas?