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    Automatically Detected JAXB Transformations

    Erhard Siegl Novice

      In https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/SWITCHYARD/Transformation there is mentioned that there is no need to register transformations when JAXB-types are used. I tried this, but couldn't get it working (in Unit-Test). It works, when I register the transformation in switchyard.xml. Is there a quickstart demonstrating this? The jaxb-quickstart also registers the transformation and the video linked from here seems to be gone.

      I packaged the JAXB-generated classes in a separate JAR? Could this be a probem?


      Registered transformation:



          <transforms xmlns:xform="urn:switchyard-config:transform:1.0">

















      import org.switchyard.component.bean.Service;

      import at.bergfex.order._1.Order;



      public class OrderingBean implements at.objectbay.tests.Ordering {



          public int process(Order order) {






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          Keith Babo Master

          This is in flux at the moment.  I made some changes as part of SWITCHYARD-828 that improve JAXB handling overall (e.g. ObjectFactory is not required), but had a side effect of disabling runtime auto-registration.  It's better to generate the config vs. registering these at runtime, so I created SWITCHYARD-831 as a separate issue to handle that.