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    ShrinkWrap Asset URLs within WebArchive




      In Apache DeltaSpike we currently face the following problem:


      We create a @Deployment with a WebArchive containing 3 JARs.


      All of those JARs contain a META-INF/beans.xml file. The problem is that all of them get the same URL assigned: "archive://META-INF/beans.xml".

      That way a CDI container cannot distinguish between them and will always only randomly take one of the three





      This can be tested in OpenWebBeans ShrinkWrapMetaDataDiscovery#parseBeansXmls

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          Update: seems not to be a ShrinkWrap core issue but an integration problem. Both the arquillian-container-openwebbans and weld (and problably others as well) did just use "archive:/" + entry.get() to construct the URL. But this doesn't work if you have multiple jars with the same resource in them as the URL#equals always first takes the URI name to distinguish.