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    get executor service defined in the threads subsystem

    Mathieu Lachance Novice

      Hello everyone,


      I've defined a custom thread pool and thread factory in my standalone.xml as:


              <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:threads:1.1">
                  <thread-factory name="CustomThreadFactory" group-name="CustomThreadPool"/>
                  <unbounded-queue-thread-pool name="CustomThreadPool">
                      <max-threads count="20"/>
                      <keepalive-time time="60" unit="seconds"/>
                      <thread-factory name="CustomThreadFactory"/>


      When going in the Java VisualVM, under the MBeans tab, into jboss.as / threads, I find back, both my custom thread factory and thread pool.


      Until here, everything seems fine. The problem is that I really do not have any idea how to get it back as an excutor service in my application.


      I've tryed to get it by JNDI lookup but I can't find it anywhere (I would have expected to find it back under "java:jboss/threads/CustomThreadPool")

      Is there anything I'm missing ? Is there any ways actually to get the executor service ?


      Should I open a JIRA feature request to make available the executor service into JNDI ?


      Anyones ?


      Big thanks,