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    trying out JBoss AS 7 in Eclipse

    Kevin Weslowski Newbie



      I recently downloaded and installed JBoss AS 7 on my Windows machine. The first thing I tried to do is add it as a server in my IDE, Eclipse.

      I currently have Tomcat 6 installed and configured in Eclipse and it works fine.

      Once I start the server using the Eclipse tooling, it took a few seconds for normal log statements about the server to complete but the status bar in Eclipse remains: "Starting JBoss 7.1 Runtime Server".

      I can browse to the default application and console on ports 8080 and 9990 just fine. When I drag a dynamic web application onto the server (similar to how I deploy to Tomcat), the task "Publishing to JBoss 7.1 Runtime Server" is queued up...apparently waiting for the server to start.

      Navigating to a servlet for the web application I deployed yields that the resource can't be found. I notice that the only button on the Servers view in Eclipse is the red "stop server" button. So, I press it, and then start the server using the start button a few seconds later.

      As before, the server appears to not have completely started. I try my web application and it is available now. Then, if I make a change in my web application, I'm expecting that it would get republished to the server...but no changes are published. Another server kill and server start does cause the web application to get refreshed. I checked the logs in the standalone directory and there are no errors or exceptions.

      I'm new to JBoss, so I must be missing something trivial...what I'm trying to do has always been easy with Tomcat but now I'm stumped with JBoss.

      Can anyone offer some advice?