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    Jboss log4j overridden by web app log4j.

    Rohan Jain Newbie

      I am having a problem in jboss 5.1. What is happening is when the client application hits my web application, all the system out logs are getting printed in my webapplication logs.

      I tried to add "<attribute name="CatchSystemOut">false</attribute>" in jboss-service.xml.

      It helped me and the system out logs were not getting printed in web app logs.

      But to my notice, the system logs were not getting printed at all. I checked the server.log file but I did not see them.

      The system outs were just seen on the console but were not printed in any logs.

      What I think is the default logger of jboss is being overridden by my web app default logger.

      How can I isolate both the loggers? or as  I need those logs, How can I get the sysout's printed in its own server.log?