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    Custom Web Application Integration on GateIn Portal.

    shyamalp Newbie

      I am using the GateIn portal and wanted to integrate one of my enterprise application with gateIn portal.

      My requirement is like below:

      "There will be a link on gateIn portal, when I will click on that link, my application's home page will open on the portal itself, so that I can hide the actual URL of my application."

      "Actually my enterprise application is behind the firewall and it can not be accessed through internet, hence I want to integrate the application to a portal. The portal is outside the firewall and cen be accessed through internet and it can also access my application which is behind the firewall. So when ever user will access the application through the portal, the portal will encode the URL and show some different URL"


      Can someone help me out, how can I do it on GateIn portal ?

      My Application name: Tableau (web interface) and it supports SSO.