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    Best Practice for copy/rename default after rpm installation

    Big Sky Newbie

      System administrator installed jboss as 5.1.2 using the rpm file on Linux 5. I am fairly new to jboss and only worked with zip file installation. I am familiar copying the default directory, renaming and deploying applications. I would copy/rename the default directory several times to deploy applications, thereby, spreading out application deployments among several jboss instances. I would assume that this is a good practice. My problem is when I copy/rename the default directory the symbolic links follow due to the rpm installation. If I copy the directory outside Linux 5 and copy it back into the server directory I would loose the symbolic links (obviously). I'm not sure by performing this copy action if this may cause problems.


      Anyone out there want to share their experiences when spreading out their deployments among multiple server instances with a rpm installation. What is the best practice for deploying applications using a rpm installation?