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    JBoss 7.1.1Final ClassLoader

    gte338m Newbie


      When I start jboss manually, everything works fine and I observe the following:

      Note:  I am logged in as root.

      1.  When I execute "ps -ef | grep java", I see that jboss is being ran by "root"

      2.  /opt/jboss7.../... is owned by user1:user1


      However, when I start as a service, jboss starts throwing ClassNotFoundExceptions although the classes are in place in the ejb jar located in the ear.  I see the following:

      1. When I execute "ps -ef | grep java", I see jboss is being ran by "user1". 

          Note:  That I had modified the user in jboss.conf that jboss-as-standalone is referring to and set it to user1.  Also, I am using the files that came in the jboss7/bin/init.d directory.

      2.  /opt/jboss.../... is owned by user1:user1


      But when I go into /opt/jboss-as/ and edit jboss.conf and set user to root and start as a service, everything works fine.


      Deployment consists of the following:


      ear file containing a war and ejb jar.  The ClassNotFoundException is being thrown on a class that is located in the ejb jar file.  I have double checked to make sure the class is not duplicated.


      Running on Centos 5.4


      Thanks in advance.