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    Issue with hornetq-rest subscription selector

    Sudheer Kukkala Newbie


      I have an issue with hornetq-rest subscription selector.


      I have a message publisher publishing messages to a topic for which around 10 subscribers were subscribed on which a selector with unique values was defined for each subscriber. As subscribers are subscribed using a selector, we expect the copies of messages for individual subscriber should be based on the selector specified during the subscription. We noticed that is not the case and all the messages being published to the topic are getting copied for each individual subscriber regardless of the selector. As the messages are consumed based on the selector specified during subscription, the remaining messages not matching the selector are remaining on the server, which is causing the message count to build up and reaching the max limit of 65K plus, after which message processing stops until the application server is restarted. Is this the normal behavior of the topics to copy all messages regardless of the selector specified in the subscription or should it only copy messages based on the selector?