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    Extremely slow selection behavior of ExtendedDataTable

    Manuel Teuber Newbie



      recently I have encountered a problem in using the extendedDataTable of RichFaces 3.3.3.Final.


      My code:

      <rich:extendedDataTable sortMode="multi" selectionMode="multi" value="#{BackingBean.dataList}" selection="BackingBean.selection" var="entry">
           <f:facet name="footer">
                <rich:dataScroller renderIfSinglePage="false">
           <a4j:support event="onselectionchange" action="#{BackingBean.takeSelection}" ajaxSingle="true" ignoreDupResponses="true"/>


      The problem is that the table contains currently about 14.000 entries. When a submit is performed because of selection it takes very long (about 15 seconds) until the method "takeSelection" will be called. I have no idea why this is so. The objects are relatively small (they contain only some strings and a date). I have no explanation why it takes so long until finally the action method is called. Can someone please give me a hint?




      I found the source of the problem, but still no suitable solution. I also had filtering enabled on the columns:


      <rich:column headerClass="extdt-header"


      Is the filtering always perfomed on every entry even if just the selection changes?? Or is there a possibility to make the whole thing faster even with large number of data in the table?