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    JBoss AS 6.1 Final how to configure durable @Asynchronous

    Aliaksei Kushunin Newbie

      Hi community!


      I've following question:

      Is it possible  configure durability for method calls annotated with @Asynchronous?

      E.g. I need following behaviour: if I made call from stateless EJB A to method from stateless EJB B annotated as @Asynchronous and at this moment server suddenly stops, after restart I need to restart proceeding execution of  asynchronous method from bean B.


      I googled, but did managed to find exact description for implementation details for @Asynchronous annotation in Jboss AS 6.1 Final. But it seems that it's implemented using timers, if it's so, can we configure durable timers?



      P.S. I know, that such behaviour can be implemented using durable JMS and MDB, but do we have another mechanism, or can we configure AS to achive such results.