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    Restarting JDBC Pool after restart of DBMS

    Willem Noorduin Newbie

      We often have the problem that we have to restart a JBoss instance (or profile, if you want to call that) after the underlying DBMS is restarted. This probably has to do with the application code, but I wonder: Is there a way to restart a certain JBoss JDBC Connection pool after regaining connection with the underlying database. Something like this:


      1. Provide a monitoring service which marks the datapool unhealthy when the connections are gone.
      2. After marking a pool unhealthy, check at a certain interval if a connection can be made.
      3. After 2 is a success, restart the JDBC Connection pool such that the application can use it again.


      My questions are:


      • Is  this been done yet (in JBoss-AS 5, 6, but if it is integrated in 7, I like to know that too) ?
      • Is it possible to write this ?