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    rich:popupPanel (v4.2.2) tab order not working with it's components

    robert walker Newbie

      hi all, i am using a RF4 popup and would like to use tabIndex property to tab through it's h:inputText components, but after putting focus on the 1st component, hitting tab seems to be lost and not sure how to get it to traverse through the h:inputText components in a logical order. when focus starts on

      field    ipOctet1   and i hit tab,  i lose the cursor in the richfaces popuppanel and notice in IE9, focus jumps to the URL address bar,

      and in firefox, tabbing in the rf popuppanel,   the focus jumps to the current tab of the tabbed browsing in firefox.


      . thanks for any help



      <h:form id="centerForm">
      <h:outputLink id="searchLink" 
      onclick="#{rich:component('searchDlg')}.show();return false" value="#"> 
        <h:outputText value="Search" /> </h:outputLink>
      <rich:popupPanel id="searchDlg" modal="true" onshow ="document.getElementById('centerForm:ipOctet1Id').focus();">
      <h:panelGrid columns="4"> 
        <h:outputText  value="IP/Host:" /> 
           <h:inputText tabindex="1" id="ipOctet1Id" /><h:outputLabel value="." />
           <h:inputText tabindex="2" id="ipOctet2Id" /><h:outputLabel value="." />
           <h:inputText tabindex="3" id="ipOctet3Id" /><h:outputLabel value="."  />
           <h:inputText tabindex="4" id="ipOctet4Id" />  
      <br />
      <br />
      < a4j:commandButton value="Search" tabindex="11" .. />