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    Help with download

    Juan Manuel Pereyra Echeverz Newbie

      I have the following code that returns me the address of a temporary object. I need to open the browser window to select the location and name of the download.
      I am working with JSF 2.0 and Rich Faces.
      I have not found any component for downloads.

      Any idea how to make the download code?

      I thank you in advance

      Code of UploadFileBean for file creation and return of the route:



      public String download() {


              try {

                  final FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

                  String path = guardaBlobEnFicheroTemporal(archivo);

                  HttpServletResponse response = getResponse();

                  response. sendRedirect(path);

                  //writeOutContent(response, file, "prueba.docx");






              catch (Exception e) {

                  // TODO Auto-generated catch block



              return null;




      Now I need open download window from browsers.
      As could do this?