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    How to set a selector or filter to the redistribution?

    ethan.c Newbie

      I got a redistribution problem. In my project, all the consumers consume message based on selector(unique corelationid).  Currently i just find only consumer-based redistrubution which means if there is no consumer on this queue in this node, the message will be forwarded to another node. But if i use selecter with consumer, everything is totlely different. 


      Suppose i have two nodes: node1 and node2, and each node has a queue named 'responseQueue'.  There are two client: client1 and client2, client1 pointing to node1 and client2 pointing to node2, and both of them consume messages only based on corelationid.  So if client1's messages comes to node2, these messages will not redistibute to node1 because at that time client2 is pointing to node2.  In this case client1 can't consume its own messages.


      I tried to set the "redistribution-delay" to different values, but it didn't work.


      Any suggestion?    Thanks in advance!