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    Richfaces plugin does not generate rich views


      Hi all Forge users and devs,

      I'd like create a basic Java EE application which uses Richfaces as JSF library. So I composed the following script:


      forge install-plugin richfaces;


      richfaces setup;


      new-project --named rich --topLevelPackage com.sample;


      persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --container JBOSS_AS7 ;


      entity --named Customer;

      field string --named firstName;

      field string --named lastName;


      scaffold setup --scaffoldType faces;


      scaffold from-entity;


      The project "rich" successfully compiles, however having a look in the views created from scaffold, I can see plain JSF is used and no rich: tags are used.


      <ui:define name="main">
      <h:panelGrid columnClasses="label,component,required" columns="3">
      <h:outputLabel for="customerBeanCustomerFirstName" value="First Name:"/>
      <h:outputText id="customerBeanCustomerFirstName" value="#{customerBean.customer.firstName}"/>
      <h:outputLabel for="customerBeanCustomerLastName" value="Last Name:"/>
      <h:outputText id="customerBeanCustomerLastName" value="#{customerBean.customer.lastName}"/>


      <div class="buttons">
      <h:link value="View All" outcome="search"/>
      <h:link value="Edit" outcome="create" includeViewParams="true"/>
      <h:link value="Create New" outcome="create"/>

      Also into web.xml no richfaces intialization is performed. Is there something wrong in my script ?

      maybe should I use a different scaffold for richfaces GUIs ?

      scaffold setup --scaffoldType richfaces (just guessing)