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    JBM to HornetQ Utility -- initial ideas

    Yong Hao Gao Master

      This utility is to help a JBM user to migrate their JBM servers to HornetQ.


      This is a command-line tool written in java. It takes in JBoss Messaging deployment informations and converts/exports them to HornetQ equivalents. Because the two products have different sets of configuration parameters and there is no exact one-to-one match between the two, the conversion is only a result of best effort.


      The following steps are taken to complete a conversion:


      1. Collection of JBM deployment information for the conversion.


      Those information are passed either as command-line options or defined in a java properties file, including:


      JBoss Home : installation location of jboss 4 or 5 where JBM is deployed.

      Profiles : all the names of the profiles that have JBM deployed. (for example 'default', etc)

      Configurations files: including server configurations (like messaging-service.xml, remoting configs, jms destionation/factory configurations, persistent configs, bridges).


      2. Performing conversion tasks


      The tasks include:


      Server configuration conversion -- to generate hornetq server configs based on the JBM config.

      Destinations and ConnectionFactories -- to convert JMS destinations and ConnectonFactories into HornetQ's.

      Bridges -- to convert JMS Bridges into HornetQ JMS bridges configuration.

      Messages -- to extract messages from JBM database tables and convert them into corresponding HornetQ message journals.


      Tasks can be done separately or selectively.