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    Issue deploying jbpm-human-task-war.war

    jnorris Newbie

      Hi All,


      When deploying the jbpm-human-task-war on AS7.0.2 I'm getting this exception:


      08:55:51,234 WARN [org.hornetq.core.protocol.core.impl.HornetQPacketHandler] (Old I/O server worker (parentId: 18619066, [id: 0x011c1aba, localhost/])) Client with version 122 and address / is not compatible with server version 2.2.7.Final (HQ_2_2_7_FINAL_AS7, 121). Please ensure all clients and servers are upgraded to the same version for them to interoperate properly

      08:55:51,281 ERROR [org.hornetq.core.protocol.core.impl.HornetQPacketHandler] (Old I/O server worker (parentId: 18619066, [id: 0x011c1aba, localhost/])) Failed to create session : HornetQException[errorCode=108 message=Server and client versions incompatible]


      The hornet version included in the modules for AS7.0.2 is 2.2.7. The version for hornetq-core that is included in the war file is 2.2.10.


      Has anyone else had this problem?  I was going to download the 2.2.10 version and replace it but all I see in the downloads section are up to 2.2.5.Final and then 2.2.14.Final.




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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Jim,

          Yes you should check that the HornetQ version and the Netty versions are the correct ones.

          You can do mvn dependency:tree on your project to see which are the requried versions and then make sure that inside the AS those versions are in place.



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            jnorris Newbie

            Hi Mauricio,


            I have already checked them.  The hornetq jar included in the jbpm-human-task-war war file in the community installer is 2.2.10.  That's also the version our application shows as a dependency  with jbpm5.3 & drools5.4 included in the pom.  AS7.0.2 has 2.2.7 as the hornetq module.  AS7.1.1 has 2.2.13 as the hornetq module.  So are you saying that each version of jboss deployed into needs to be changed so the hornetq module matches the one in the human-task war file?