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    Trying to capture JBoss deployment events

    allan gochee Newbie

      In JBoss 5, the main deployer existed where you could setup to capture deployment events:

      jboss.system:service=MainDeployer JMX MBean


      I'm trying to find the equivalent with AS 7.*



      I understand this much:


        String host = "localhost";  // Your JBoss Bind Address default is localhost

              int port = 9999;  // management-native port


              String urlString ="service:jmx:remoting-jmx://" + host + ":" + port;

              System.out.println("          \n\n\t****  urlString: "+urlString);


              JMXServiceURL serviceURL;

                          try {

                                    serviceURL = new JMXServiceURL(urlString);


              JMXConnector jmxConnector = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(serviceURL, null);

              MBeanServerConnection connection = jmxConnector.getMBeanServerConnection();

             connection.addNotificationListener(name, this, filter, handback);


      The question I have is if this is a current way to capture deploymwnt events or if there is a better way, that is new to this AS?  Please a detail a resonse if possible.

      The documentation for this new AS has been limited. Thanks.