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    No "Message" parameter set during executeWorkItem on SendTaskHandler

    Bira Neto Newbie

      When executing a workflow (jbpm5.3) I get a "Sending message: null" on the eclipse console (System.out from the default SendTaskHandler implementation). The problem is there is no "Message" defined on the workItem parameters. The "messageType" though is there and set to "java.lang.String" (as defined on my structureRef below)


      below is my bpmn2 xml code that is relevant to the problem.


      <itemDefinition id="msg1Def" structureRef="java.lang.String"> </itemDefinition>

      <message id="msg1" name="msg1"  itemRef="msg1Def"/>


      <intermediateThrowEvent id="id_4" name="id_4">



      <messageEventDefinition messageRef="msg1">




      Any ideas why I'm not getting any message on the handler? Do I need something else set on the xml to receive it?